Jhene Aiko recently sat down with Dotty of BBC Radio 1Xtra and discussed her relationship with Big Sean, her first heartbreak, her daughter and more. And the interview was quite insightful but the funny part of it was her discussion on getting her booty eaten "like groceries," a reference to her hit song with Omarion and Chris Brown, "Post to Be."

When Dotty states, "I thought if you don't eat the booty like groceries, you can't be her man." Jhene responds with, "No, that's not true. I mean, it happened once to me like a long time ago and it's a very odd feeling." Then Dotty asks to describe the feeling and the convo gets funny. Jhene responds, "It just makes you like kinda want to go to the bathroom. Which is weird. And that's not how you want to feel when you're being intimate. It's just like wet butt."

The conversation also gets interesting when Dotty asks about Jhene and Big Sean's relationship and how it all got started. "We became friends the year that my brother passed,” she said. “I had just met him and we worked on ‘Beware’ and ‘I’m Gonna Be.’ He wanted to take me out on a date. I had a boyfriend, but I still went…just as a friend. I had never been courtside to a game and he’s cool. I told my boyfriend ‘I’m gonna go to this game.'”

Jhene goes on to explain that when she and her boyfriend at the time broke up, Big Sean was in a relationship so the timing wasn't right for them. “When I came around, I was like, ‘Okay, let’s see what you’re talking about,’ he had a girlfriend,” she added. “I took too long. I was like, ‘That’s cool. We’re still friends.’ We were performing together still and recording and all that.”

As time went on, they eventually were in a space and place that neither one of them were in a relationship and could focus on building something together. To hear more, hit the above video.

Source: YouTube