Keyshia Cole's security didn't hesitate to take down a bold fan.

A concert-goer caught raw footage of a fan getting handled during the singer's performance. The crowds were packed and ready to party at COLORS: R&B ONLY in West Hollywood. Aside from the bumping DJ talent they had prepared to rock the stage, Keyshia Cole was their surprise guest.

While Cole went on with her part of the show, a fan slyly hopped on stage behind her. Though her back was turned, Keyshia realized something was off when he put his arm around her shoulder and attempted to dance with her.

The 11:11 Reset crooner was caught off guard, but calm. However, neither the fan nor the audience was prepared for what happened next. A security guard bolted on stage, tackling him down causing Keyshia to stumble forward.

Though Keyshia hasn't commented on the incident, social media didn't waste any time in making sure her security got acknowledged for being on point. One Twitter user commented on the "WWF security," and saying, "Bet ya nobody try that again." Keyshia retweeted a response with a laughing emoji and the strong arm.

Hopefully, he'll be up for a raise after this.