Brooklyn-born, New Jersey raised, rap veteran Pras decided to take out an ad for the Superbowl this past Sunday. The Eagles shocked the defending champion New England Patriots in a 41-33 upset that brought the first ever Superbowl victory to Philadelphia. Thirty-second ad space during the most viewed live sports event in America cost a cool $5,000,000. Apparently, Pras believes in his product that much.

The subtle and peculiar ad features Fugee co-creator Pras on stage with a blindfold on and tape over his mouth. The lights are bright on the stage, but the theater is empty. A live band begins playing from somewhere unseen, and Pras removes the objects obstructing his vision and voice. With a smug look, Pras exits the stage, while the sentence, "Be celebrated. Not tolerated," sprawls across the screen. A logo for Blacture also appears.

The website for Blacture states that the site is "A voice and vision for Black culture." On the About Me page, Pras speaks about his vision. "Black excellence, whether you're a filmmaker or journalist... this is about empowering," states the Grammy Award-winning artist. Based on the website's countdown, the official launch of Blacture will be April 2nd. Currently, a Black History Month campaign is being run on the website.