Update: Birdman lost the $100,000 bet he made against AR-Ab, a bet that found the Cash Money mogul saying the Patriots would beat the Philadelphia Eagles.


As you know, Super Bowl weekend comes with significant bets. Because of that, Birdman put $100,000 on the line with AR-Ab. He's betting in favor of the New England Patriots.

Naturally, this happened over social media. In an Instagram post, the Cash Money Millionaire wrote, "Bet my bloody @ar_ab_32 on game I took New England im with all bets Philly fans 100k and up #cashmoney richgang #BLATT" In the comment section, AR-ab responded, "$100,000 it is.... #EAGLES" On his own page, AR-ab posted the same picture saying, "Somebody Tell my OG @birdman5star $100,000 is a BET.... I Bet Da House On My #EAGLES #RichGang #ObhRecords"

We've been here before with Birdman. Back in 2012, 50 Cent forced Birdman to step up to a one million dollar bet during that year's Super Bowl. Fif had the New York Giants. Again, Birdman chose the Pats. That bet was originally worth $5 million. Birdman had tweeted, "I'm Bet 5 million 2 any n*****, like tha Giants YMCMB. BabyMoney anybody kan Getit," he started. "New England n****. #42... 5 million is like 5 racks New York stand up Giants. BabyMoney. YMCMB."

That sum came down to a milli, and 50 ended up winning since the Giants took the victory. What do you think will happen this time?