Chris Bosh's mother made bail, but not because of her NBA-star son.

theJasmineBRAND got the exclusive report the Freida Bosh was bailed out of jail following her criminal charges. The report noted Freida was charged with the exploitation of a disabled person. She racked up the third-degree felony when a home she owned was raided by police back in December 2017.

The police warrant states Bosh and former roommate, Johnathan Brown, was responsible for "forcing" a disabled man, who also lived with them, to "pay a large portion of his disability check to pay rent for himself and Brown."

It goes on to describe that his torment went further by "forcing" him to participate in "drug distribution activity" out of fear of what he thought Brown might have done had he refused.

Police scoured the DeSoto, Texas resident for "suspected drug distribution activity." A police press release said they received reports about "hand-to-hand drug deals outside" of the home, according to

An odd amount of traffic around the home also called more attention to the "posh gated community." The raid led to DeSoto PD finding "a large amount of drug paraphernalia" that was related to "narcotics trafficking."

Now that Freida is out on her $10,000 bond, she will be waiting for word on her next move.