Chuck D is a revolutionary. The leader of the legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy created waves in the 90's for his political commentary and gritty depictions of poverty riddled neighborhoods.

He has yet to lose his keen awareness of the political climate, and Chuck continues to use his voice to spread wisdom. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the rap veteran expressed his views on America right now.

“About 10 years ago on Tavis Smiley, I predicted that America wouldn't be in one piece by 2050 and that it would be split up into three different countries. I still think that the United States of America has never really been united in the last 50 years, and it might be three countries by 2050 if there's still a planet,” stated Chuck. His prediction seems farfetched, but so was the idea that Donald Trump could become president.

In response to Trump's shocking win at the polls, Chuck said, "I always paid attention to those people that voted against Barack Obama. It was 47 and 48%. I'll tell you this, that the media coming out of L.A. and New York, they are responsible for putting so many images out there that will fuel future hate."