*Warning: footage in the following video may be graphic for some viewers.

Another day, another fatal police shooting. Fredo Santana’s Savage Squad signee, Extendo Quono, was shot and killed by a police officer last November. Born Aquoness Cathery, Quono was reported to be carrying a semi-automatic weapon when he was killed by Chicago police.

The officer who pulled the trigger claims that Quono pointed his weapon at the cop, which forced the officer to shoot back. In body cam footage that was recently released online, there is no proof that those accusations were true. In fact, no gun is seen in the footage, which follows the officer as he chases Quono.

Quono, who was 24 years old, was taken to Chicago's Stroger Hospital, where he succumbed to his gun wounds. The video shows Quono running from a police officer who chases him through an apartment building onto a wooden patio.

It's when Quono attempts to escape down the stairs of the patio that he is shot, and the video continues on to show the rapper laying on the ground while the cop calls for an ambulance. The sound of scared and angry residents can be heard in the background.

The shooting was ruled a homicide. at the time of the shooting, Fredo Santana took to social media to acknowledge the murder, writing, "Long live quano frontstreet or no street Bzzz.”