Lil Duval recently shared an observation over social media on race relations in America, particularly in the western region of the U.S., that didn't draw much agreement from those in the public who replied with their own two cents on the matter.

In a series of tweets that he put out on Monday, January 29, the Florida-born comedian questioned whether racism continues to be a problem across the nation at large, after posting a "News flash" to assert that "everything ain’t about race" and "they ain’t even thinking bout us no more."

"Maybe I'm tripping but it seems like racism don't even exist no more on the West Coast. It's still classism but the 'I don't like you because of yo color' s**t, I don't see it," Duval told followers. He then went on to concede that he may have a different point of view on the question of racism in having experienced two separate realities as someone who was reared in Atlanta and is now seeing what things are like in Cali. "Tell me if I'm tripping or not West Coast, cuz I am on the outside looking in. And I'm comparing it to the South but to me the West Coast is 10 years ahead of the rest of the country."

Although reactions to the tweet were mixed, there weren't many who altogether agreed that racism doesn't exist at all on the West. Some posed that racism manifests in more subtle ways over on the West, while others challenged that what he was addressing was bigotry or prejudice and not necessarily systemic, institutional racism, which would not necessarily present itself directly from white individuals in overt ways.

What are your thoughts on the state of race relations in the United States? Does it vary by region, or is racism still prevalent across the board in one degree or another?