Young Thug is in the middle of a legal battle with a real estate developer who he claims conspired to sell him a decrepit mansion.

Last year Heritage Select Homes sued the Atlanta rapper for failure to make a payment of 2.2 million dollars on the mansion in question. The 6-bedroom, 11-bath, 11,000 sq. ft. home was initially priced at $2.475 million and came equipped with a theater room, indoor pool, 4-car garage, and a full bar.Thug would make small payments on the home until he ultimately stopped.

Young Thug is now suing the realtor because he does not feel he should have to pay the 2 million dollar balance on the Georgia estate because it is falling apart. Thugger is claiming that the company knew the home had severe issues and did not disclose that to him when he purchased it.

Apparently, there is foundation damage, mold under the indoor basement, rusted metal support beams, roof damage that has led to leaks and moisture damage throughout the home.Thug only became aware of the issues after moving in and hiring another inspector who disclosed all the defects to him.

He believes that the company went as far as to hire a firm to conduct a sham inspection that would cover up the problems with the home when he initially offered to buy it.

Due to this allegation, Thugger wants the lawsuit against him dismissed and the impending balance to be thrown out. The case is still ongoing.