Tee Grizzley got a few Chicago heads tight with a lyric that he spit during a live stream that was recently posted to social media. The line forced King Yella to step up and issue him a warning, in response.

"Tee Grizzley... On my mama, you will die you b***h a** n***a! You h*e a** n***a! F**k wrong with you b***h a** n***a, on Brick, I better not catch your b***h a**, n***a!" Yella said, after catching a glimpse of the recording - in which Grizzley repeatedly spits the line, "We smoking brick off in the lobby," as Team600 rapper, Booka, laughs in the background.

King Yella apparently took the rhyme to be a sub intended for FBG Duck's slain brother FBG Brick, who became the source of grief for Yella when he was shot dead in the South Side's Woodlawn neighborhood back in July.

It isn't the first time King Yella has called Tee Grizzley out for name dropping a Chicago rapper in a manner which he deemed disrespectful. Only one month prior to Brick's death, Yella went after Grizzley on social media because in the original version of the song "No Effort" Grizzley seemed to make mention of the late rapper Lil JoJo with the line: “Extendo on the glock, that b***h long as a pogo/Let Lil Durk music get you hype and join JoJo.”

“Tee Grizzley, what you on shorty? Let JoJo rest in peace ... Come on shorty, stay yo ass on that Detroit s**t. Don’t put yourself in no Chicago bulls**t," he said at the time.

The controversy that sprung from the song forced Grizzley to head back to the lab and revise its lyrics.