A good deal of the 5 million users who follow Kodak Black on Instagram actually witnessed the moments leading to his arrest, as the Sniper Gang rapper happened to be streaming in Live when Broward Sheriff's Office deputies raided his home on Thursday, January 18.

Most of the footage doesn't reveal much but a grey obstruction, visually, but the voices of deputies could be heard engaging Kodak as he got himself together. "Your phone is part of this search warrant. You are not going to get your phone back," one investigator could be heard telling Kodak at one point. Although he didn't put up much of a fight, it was clear in the recording that the rapper wasn't happy about having to part with the device.

Kodak would be taken in for 7 charges that included possession of marijuana, grand theft of a firearm, two counts of possession of a weapon by a felon and two counts of probation violation, and child neglect. Prior to being taken in, Kodak would reach out to fans via Twitter, in order to ask that they write Willie Ryan of the Broward County Jail in Pompano Beach, on his behalf.

Kodak's arrest comes nearly one year after he was locked up and sentenced to 364 days for probation violation. Thanks to his completion of an early release life skills program, he would be released early. But with a new slate of charges being presented to him now, there is a good chance that the troubled young rapper will be looking at some hard time.