Recently, a video surfaced of two young men attempting to rob a 7-Eleven. However, the gun they used was reportedly fake. Because of that, an armed security guard took it upon himself to show the robbers what a real gun looks like.

In the surveillance footage, two men in hoodies entered a 7-Eleven in Hamilton, New Jersey where they looked around the store, saw the coast was clear, then attempted to rob the cashier. From there, the man in the blue hoody tried to hop over the counter but lost his balance. The second robber pulled out the fake gun and told the cashier to open the register.

While the cashier has his hands up, a security guard passed by, saw what was going down and then popped in and drew his weapon on the robbers. From there, he shot one of the robbers in the arm, which led them to say the gun was fake. The security guard replied, “Oh well, mine is real.”

Watch above.