The New York Mets invited 50 Cent to throw the opening pitch this season after the Queens rapper embarrassed himself a few years back.

The team took to Twitter to offer 50 a chance to make it right. “Hey @50cent, we heard you’re ready to redeem yourself?! Here is your invite to throw out the first pitch this season. Toss a strike the time! #50FirstPitch,” the tweet read.

50’s original pitch was made famous for all the wrong reasons. The laughable toss even won him a 2014 MLB Network Social Media “Most Memorable First Pitch” Award. However, 50 still wants a chance to throw a pitch that does his reputation for being athletic justice. He recently spoke to Newsday about his new movie Den of Thieves and said he regrets doing the original pitch.

“Listen, no one warned me,” said 50. “No one said: Risk versus reward! I would have kept my a** in the stands. This is never going away.”

Despite the pitch’s popularity and even having a baseball card made for him because of it, 50 still thinks he could do a lot better if given another chance. “I have to redeem myself at some point,” he said. “Maybe if I get out there and throw a really good pitch they’ll let me go a little bit.”