Police released evidence from Nelly’s alleged rape case that was closed a few months back. Various items including the alleged victim’s lingerie and footage from the night of the incident were made available to media outlets and the public by Auburn PD.

One of the videos shows Nelly and the accuser, Monique Greene, leaving the Seattle nightclub where they met and boarding his tour bus where she originally claimed the incident had taken place. It also shows when she gets off the bus and calls the police to accuse Nelly of raping her.

Aside from items and video, the reports filed by both Nelly and Greene were included in the release. Nelly’s report claims that their sexual encounter was consensual and that she voluntarily took off her clothes to sleep with him. He also admits to not wearing a condom during sex.

Greene claimed that Nelly forcefully took off her pants and held her down. He then proceeded to rape her for the next 30 minutes and allegedly ejaculated inside her, and also on her backside and front.

Greene said that Nelly tried to pay her $2500 for the sex but she refused and told him that she wasn’t a prostitute. The two currently have lawsuits filed against one another. Nelly has yet to comment publicly on the evidence.

Source: tmz.com