It's official! Lil Xan is now going by his real name Diego. The young rapper appeared on Big Boi's radio show and discussed a recent encounter with his fans.

"The thing with my name is, I do want to evolve it", he begins. "I thought about dropping the Lil, and just being Xan but then I also thought about just being Diego."

"It's crazy because I just did TRL in New York...I left the building and they [his fans] was calling me Diego," he said surprisingly. "Not one person called me Lil Xan."

"You know what we should do, we should change your name to Diego", Big Boi suggests. Diego then looks into the camera and says he's formally known as Lil Xan. "Yo it's official, my name is now Diego". The people in the room chanted "ayeee" as the rapper smiles.

What do you think about the rapper's name change?