Shaquille O'Neal has long been recognized as the NBA star who has come closest to being recognized as a prolific rapper, and at the age of 45, he continues to take on all challenges that put his reputation as such on the line. Every once in a while the Hall of Fame center will come off of the top on the TNT set and that's exactly how it went down when Dr. Dre's "The Next Episode" instrumental came over the speakers during Inside The NBA on Thursday, January 11.

"You're rocking with the best, 2018 C.E.S/ Chuck, Kenny, and Shaq, we don't need no commercials, we'll be right back/ Baby got back, Chuck need the treadmill... the wheels of steel/ You're gonna gamble later. Shout out to the Florida Gators/ and the Crimson Tides. You thought you was gonna win, I told you lied," big Shaq diesel spit as his co-hosts kept the beat for him.

While Shaq seemed taken off guard and less than inspired in the moment, he managed to pull a bit of improv off. Over the past year, he's delivered a freestyle in which he walks around backstage dissing Kenny, Ernie, and Charles and he's delivered a freestyle with such guests as Tigger in Area 51 of the studio. They were among a half-dozen or so verses that can be found on Youtube.