Cardi B and Offset were rap's favorite couple until the recent cheating allegations - sources showed that there were potentially two instances of Offset stepping out on his woman. Now, the drama continues, with King Yella recently taking to Instagram to post photos of himself and Cardi B, captioning them "We had yo b-tch first @offsetyrn @iamcardib interview out now on @zacktv1". Naturally, the Migos member, and both Offset's and Cardi's fans didn't take this well.

In a new video posted to Instagram, King Yella is seen on a facetime call with Offset, who threatens him over disrespecting his fiancee. King Yella appears to be in a casino while talking on the phone, while Offset's voice is barely audible. "What you sayin', what you sayin'" King Yella repeatedly yells into the phone, “Motherfucker think I’m a hoe or something? What you saying though? Yo bitch inboxing motherfuckers talking about I’m a bozo,” Yella is seen yelling at Offset. “I don’t give a fuck about none of that shit. I’m not worried bout no nigga. We can link, get it on, whatever.”

Offset can be heard responding to him, saying, “The gangstas gon' beat your ass.”

King Yella is a Chicago-based rapper who recently released a track about Cardi B, titled "Cardi B Truth".