Viral rap sensation Lil Pump made $345,000 in advance money when he signed his record deal with Warner Bros.

The rapper who is still a minor could reach millionaire status before he could legally buy cigarettes according to a TMZ report. Aside from the initial advance, Pump will collect 15 percent royalties from his music and the follow-up advances for future albums will surely equate to much more than his first check from the label. Pump songs like “Boss” and “D Rose” have already amassed millions of hits on the internet and streaming services and are surely bringing him money already. Based on his contract, Pump is required to include at least 14 tracks on each album. The contract also gives him a cut of his merchandise that is sold in chain stores which is probably a huge amount of money considering his growing popularity.

However, Pump is considered to be a mumble rapper by fans, so there’s no telling how long he’ll be around. Jumping the gun by saying he’ll make a fifth album seems like a bit of a stretch. Unless mumble rap is not a fad, Pump needs to take advantage of the opportunities given to him at this time.