President Trump stirred controversy on Wednesday (December 6), declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, sparking protests across the Middle East. Trump also ordered the U.S. Embassy to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Top officials in Palestine claim that Trump's decision will garner calls for holy wars, adding that the decision undermines the U.S. as a judge in the peace process.

Trump said during a press conference on Wednesday, "Today, we finally acknowledge the obvious: that Jerusalem is Israel's capital. This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality. It is also the right thing to do.

After more than two decades of waivers, we are no closer to a lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. It would be folly to assume that repeating the exact same formula would now produce a different or better result."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke out against Trump's decision in a televised address, "These procedures do also help in the extremist organizations to wage a religious war that would harm the entire region, which is going through critical moments and would lead us into wars that will never end, which we have warned about and always urged to fight against."