Adrien Broner chose Tay K’s “The Race” beat to vent about some of his recent legal troubles. The champion boxer drops around 2 minutes of bars on the Soundcloud smash and addresses charges and some of the judges he’s dealt with in recent months. There’s no hook here so fans will get plenty of angry lines from the former Mayweather protege’.

Broner might have chosen the beat because the original version also deals with the legal issues if Tay K who was on the run from the law after facing capital murder charges.

Broner’s issues stem from an altercation he was involved in while in Las Vegas that surfaced on video in September. A man that closely resembles the boxer could be seen in the clip knocking a man out and pushing a woman after arguing with them. The clip led to a battery charge and Broner later missed a court appearance last month. He originally claimed his absence was due to a “misunderstanding” but a warrant was issued nonetheless.

He addressed the state of Nevada directly during the freestyle. “F*** Nevada, I ain’t going to that state/With this warrant still riding with the K/ Even though they say they caught it on the tape,” he raps on the freestyle.