We’re able to do things never imagined through modern technology these days. Whether it’s e-hailing a ride from anywhere at the push of a button, connecting with people from across the globe with ease or ordering food, the opportunities are vast. Another rise in technology has almost brought a family to its breaking point as a husband is having a difficult time choosing between his anatomically-correct android sex robots or his wife.

Channel 4 recently aired a documentary dubbed, The Sex Robots Are Coming where James recently purchased a trio of robots to help ease the discomfort of feeling lonely while his wife Tine left to look after her elderly mother. Imagine the surprise she faced whenever she returned home to the new housemates and James letting her know they’ve grown on him.

In a short clip from the documentary, James stares into s body mirror with his sex-robot April standing in front of it. James believes he’s finally found his perfect woman saying, “Every guy has in his mind the perfect girl – that’s what I see when I look in this mirror and see this look.” Tine sits to the side of April with a look of discomfort on her face unsure what she’s looking at.

In another scene April is face down, topless, bent over a pillow with James standing behind her where he declares that faced with the decision to choose between the two, he’d have a hard time. “If I had to choose between them I honestly don’t know.”

Source: metro.co.uk