Recently, a video surfaced of Dave Chappelle and Talib Kweli in an elevator, and Chappelle wasted no time as he made an announcement to many fans and young kids growing up in the digital age.

Dave Chappelle said “I feel an imperative in the digital age to happen in real life. I don’t care if they can’t take my picture because I’ve never seen Paul Bunyan, but I know who the f*ck he is. You gotta make ‘em talk about you; you gotta make ‘em experience you.”

Chappelle went on to say “I’m saying this to all you young people out there who look up to Kweli and maybe even me otherwise: Happen in real life.”

“All of life happens now in this,” said Chappelle as he motions his fingers into a box. “Pull that f***ing feeding tube out of your stomach, and get firsthand information. Know for yourself what it feels like. And then you too can become a superhuman empathetic person. You can care about people you never met, and worry about problems you don’t even have. This has been a real n***a PSA.” Watch above.