According to Post Malone, the hip-hop being put out today is lacking in authenticity and lyricism.

During a recent interview with Polish media company Newonce, the Texas spitter advised staying away from the genre if you're looking to be moved emotionally or stimulated intellectually.

"If you're looking for lyrics, if you're looking to cry, if you're looking to think about life, don't listen to hip-hop," says Malone. "There's great hip-hop songs where they talk about life and they really spit that real s**t, but right now, there's not a lot of people talking about real s**t."

"Whenever I wanna cry, whenever I wanna sit down and cry, I'll listen to some Bob Dylan," adds the "Rockstar" rapper.

This is not to say Malone feels the hip-hop being made right now is not without its merits, however. While the music may not be deep, Malone believes it's a whole lot of fun.

"Whenever I'm trying to have a good time and stay in a positive mood, I listen to hip-hop," he said. "Because it's fun. I think hip-hop is important because it brings people together in a beautiful, happy way."

Hear some of Malone's thoughts on today's hip-hop up top.