Recently, Ralo spoke on the issues between him and MoneyBagg Yo that came from a performance they were scheduled to do together in Orlando, Florida. Ralo gave a detailed explanation of what went down.

“So this is what happens. We go to the show; they tell us the club closes at 2 o’clock after we was notified that the club closes at 3 o’clock. I say ‘cool’ let’s just walk through there. Them people came to see me, them people talking s**t to me on Twitter, I gotta go in here and take these pictures and see these people,” said Ralo.

He continued by saying “I was in the show. B**ches hugging me, we having fun, we having a good time. I’m waiting on MoneyBagg Yo to do his part. I go talk to the promoter, the promoter tells me ‘Nah Ralo crank this b*tch up some more, you was doing good, you need to go back up there and do the show.”

When Ralo noted it was MoneyBagg’s time go up, he said the promoter told him MoneyBagg Yo tried to stop Ralo from performing. Ralo said “MoneyBagg Yo tried to pay him $7500 not to let me in the club. I said ‘what kind of sh*t that is?’ That ain’t cool.” Despite MoneyBagg Yo allegedly trying to pay the promoter to stop Ralo from getting in the club, Ralo noted he has no issues with the rapper.