LeBron James called himself the king of New York on Instagram! The NBA star even referred to the Knicks' homecourt his favorite playground. "You're welcome.. 👑of NY #myfavoriteplayground #striveforgreatness🚀", James captioned the photo.

Last night, the Knicks fell to the Cavaliers 104-101. There was also a shoving match at MSG at the beginning of the game. The scuffle resulted in double technicals for James and Enes Kanter. The two were later separated by a referee.

Rookie Frank Ntilikina was also involved in the altercation. According to the NY Times, James hovered over Ntilikina following a dunk; and Ntilikina drove his shoulder in James' torso. Ntilikina also grazed him again as he walked past. Apparently, Kanter confronted James about the situation -- which started the Knicks/LeBron scuffle.

Take a look at LeBron claiming NY above.

Source: Instagram