Jordan Clarkson has been making waves in the NBA this season, as the Laker point guard has been giving great performances off the bench. Despite his efforts, rumors of a possible trade have surfaced, as the Lakers reportedly want to make room in their cap space to go after star players next year. According to reports, the Lakers are looking to make space for players like DeMarcus Cousins, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, or LeBron James. All of those players may all be available next summer.

When asked about the potential trade by the Los Angeles Times, Clarkson seemed pretty optimistic. “To me it’s motivation. It’s a business, you’re either going to be here or you ain’t. Wherever I am I want to be productive,” said Clarkson.

When asked if there was something or someone he uses as a motivating factor, Clarkson kept it real by saying “I mean my pops, my family, that’s always number one.” Clarkson added another motivating factor, saying “But second probably the girls and stuff. Females. Know what I mean? I love women.”

Clarkson ended his thoughts by saying “They don’t like you when you’re down.”