Remy Ma and Lil Kim finally released their long-awaited collaboration “Wake Me Up” after weeks of hinting at it.

Remy drops some fresh verses over a sample from Lil Kim’s 1996 song “Queen B*tch.” While Kim gives Remy a hook and a bridge on the track. The two may or may not be going at Nicki Minaj.

Based on Kim’s recent statements in a Hot 97 interview, if it was about Nicki Minaj, they would have dropped her name somewhere on the track. However, the song has been advertised as a Nicki diss -- and she might take it as one.

Aside from the possibility of reigniting that rap feud, the collaboration came about when Remy wanted to bring back a familiar feeling. “When I called her, I told her, I’m like, ‘Listen, I want you on this record, but I just want you to be Kim. I want you to be the girl that was squatting down in a leopard thong, be that Kim,” said Remy during a recent interview with Zane Lowe. The song is the first to be released from Remy’s upcoming “7 Winters & 6 Summers” album. The album will be released through Columbia Records who she just signed a deal with.