Memes can tell an entire story in the age of social media. So when LeBron James decided to post the popular "Angry Arthur" meme with the balled fist and caption reading "Mood", after the Celtics defeated the Atlanta Hawks Monday night many took this as a passive-aggressive swipe at his former teammate Kyrie Irving. Not to mention the Cavs have gone 1-5 in their last 6 games with one of those losses at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks. Kyrie recorded a 35 point and seven assist game in Boston's ninth straight win.

LeBron is known for his sending out cryptic, and some not-so-cryptic messages about his personal frustrations throughout the season so this post could be in response to the Cavs slow start currently sporting a 4-6 record on the season.

Whether frustrated over his team's slow start, Kyrie Irving and the Celtics' early-season success, or a combination of the two, it's clear that LeBron's mood matches the meme.