Gabrielle Union shared some great stories about NBA legends and food during her appearance on the Hot Ones YouTube series this week. With each break taken in between her challenge to level up to some of the most potent hot sauce doused wings on the planet, the A-List actress, and basketball wife had a tale or two that would intrigue any viewer. For example, Union tells of how she came to learn that former Knicks enforcer Charles Oakley is actually pretty handy with an apron and a spatula. It was a fun fact that she learned the very evening she discovered that not even Michael Jordan could get her lesbian friends to pay a man attention.

“One night, years ago, I was hosting a Pride party. It was a white party for some of the most gorgeous, empowered lesbians on the planet. And I had been day drinking with Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley, and I was like, ‘You guys should come. I bet you guys are going to be a huge hit, everyone’s gonna love you,” Union recalled.

She then shared the shock that came over her in realizing that her girls were just not that impressed. “I’ve never seen Michael Jordan more categorically ignored, ever in life,” she said.