It appears Long Beach rapper Joey Fatts has dodged a major legal bullet. The Cutthroat Records general was allegedly facing a decade behind bars after being held on charges of conspiracy, drive-by shooting, discharge of a firearm and terrorist threats.

On Wednesday, Fatts tweeted that he was a free man after getting a suspended sentence.

"I'm out of Jail I was facing 10 years I got a suspended sentence #GodIsGood and your favorite rapper a snitch," he wrote. The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Fatts rocking a necktie around his head while standing in front of a placard that reads "Probation."

The 26-year-old Fatts, real name Joey Vercher, was in the news back in March after he posted a video of himself along with D Savage and Eddy Baker getting arrested after being stopped by police while on their way to a show in Virginia Beach to kick off their "At Your Neck" tour.

“We in Memphis n***a. Taking n****s to jail man, we still thuggin’ man. Fuck these b***h a** n****s man. Memphis over here tripping talking about they found 20 ounces in our van," Fatts said in the video. "We just got pulled over in OKC and they searched our van with dogs and all that.”