In this clip, Lecrae details the controversy surrounding his tweet about hip-hop needing more balanced messages during the Mike Brown tragedy. Lecrae tweeted that at a time when young Black men are being gunned down by police that it's counterproductive to blast music that insinuates a lack of intra-racial respect. But Lecrae said his tweet was taken out of context by many in the hip-hop community and the message he tried to get across was hijacked by conservatives looking for a Black face to reinforce their sentiments. Lecrae caught wind of this and hence deleted the tweet.

Lecrae went on to detail how he wasn't trying to paint some "holier-than-thou" picture with his tweet and pointed out how he's been the victim of police harassment over the years. Lastly, Lecrae told when he saw excessive police force used against a transgendered woman in New York City. Lecrae said the woman was attempting suicide before he intervened and was able to get police help. However, when police arrived on the scene he said the attempt to subdue the woman got excessive when police wrestled her down. He said police misjudged that situation like they often do because they are human and humans are all naturally flawed.