Gucci Mane copped and sported a panther themed bracelet/ring that connects from his wrist to his finger as a wedding gift to himself.

The rapper took to Instagram to show off the new piece that features a panther head on his ring finger that is connected to two other panther heads that wrap around his wrist to form a bracelet. The whole thing is encrusted in diamonds and includes two chains that connect the heads in the bracelet to the head on his finger. The piece ran him around $100,000. Gucci also stated in another video that he chose the name “El Gato” for the bracelet and that he purchased it as a wedding gift for himself. The theme matches a chain that he’s been wearing a lot recently that also includes diamond-encrusted panther heads.

Aside from the jewelry, Gucci also bought some other extravagant gifts for him and his fiancé Ka’oir as the rapper purchased matching Rolls-Royce Wraiths for them. They are set to be married on Tuesday. Ka’oir explained how she and Gucci got together in a previous interview with XXL. “I went on tour with Gucci in 2010 — that is when it really started to get serious,” she said. I fell in love with Gucci when I bathed him…I put him in a shower and just bathed him. I just did things to him and he looked at me and said, ‘Wow, no one has ever bathed me before.’ I am a traditional Jamaican lady, that is what you do. You take care of your man.”