It's safe to say that there is absolutely no love lost from Azealia Banks when it comes to the legendary Wu-Tang Clan facilitator the RZA. If you remember, Banks and Russell Crowe were involved in an altercation that led to Crowe spitting at the Harlem rapper. When RZA finally broke his silence on the matter he didn't represent himself to Azealia Banks' standards as someone with clout in Hollywood and commenced to bad mouthing RZA since.

Fast forward to last week, RZA along with longtime Wu-Tang DJ/producer Mathematics were on a promo run for the upcoming Wu album. Naturally, a few of the questions raised to RZA was about the situation with Azealia Banks. However, RZA found a way to deflect from offering details about the incident and simply praised Banks' talent. But it seems that Azealia wasn't for any of RZA's comments about her, positive or otherwise.

Check out her comments to RZA (since been deleted).