Waka Flocka Flame responded to the current backlash to the comments that he made on Sway in the Morning. On the radio show, the rapper said, “I’m not African American at all. My folks are not from Africa. A lot of people in this room's folks ain't from Africa. Might be a couple, but people just don't understand." The comment was met with skeptical faces in the room along with a multitude of criticisms online.

On his Instagram, Waka responded saying, “I’m not the black America call me. It’s just hard for a nigga to be from the slums…and then when you become this celebrity you get to walk around the world…You get to find out the truth. And then when you get back home, what you call America, and you start telling the truth, people you see, that’s in your community that’s still plugged in the Matrix, are still trapped and tell you what society tells you is reality.”

The rapper continued, “You know it’s not reality, you know it’s not the truth and it’s hard to explain it because you’re truly learning still. You’re just experiencing false statements and false lifestyles. It’s hard to explain.” He ended the video reassuring his fans that he is black, while putting it in quotations but he isn’t “the black America says he is.”