In case you missed it, Bronx rapper Mysonne spit a real message on the BET Hip-Hop awards cypher. The 7-minute session also featured rising stars such as Little Simz, 6lack, Axel Leon and Tee Grizzley.

He raps:

"Welcome to reality / I am a fake rapper’s rivalry, the leader of the calvary/ I got ’em mad at me / ‘Cause I free kids from the trap and put morals over salary/ No, you not a G, you got it misconstrued / You all on IG, lying to get views / Got these little kids dying, trying to listen to you /Or they sittin’ in prison, instead of sitting in school"

He continues:

"Cause you told ’em ‘play the game,’ didn’t give ’em the rules / Why don’t you tell ’em it’s fixed, they playin’ just to lose / So, all my young kings, don’t ever listen to fools/ Nah, I’m not hatin’ just a little confused / How you show ’em all the diamonds, never give ’em no jewels /Now, if you tired of the buffoonery /Follow me, I’ll show you how to shine without jewelry/ Show you how to grind and buy back the community / Bring Black on Black crime back to Black unity.”

At the end, he takes a kneel and holds his fists in the air. Take a look at the full video above.