Riff Raff took to social media this week to show off an obscene collection of jewelry worth $500,000.

The rapper had all types of different pieces in the clip with rare diamonds. “Classic aqua berry diamonds. Real boys know. They mad a had to dig deep into the deep freezer and pull out big boy diamonds. I pull up in the mutherf**king hurricane, f**king hurricane harvey,” he said.

He also clowned on those calling his car a rental. “You’re momma a f**king rental,” he said, adding, “Don’t be fooled. Aqua berry diamonds.” He played his song while sitting in a car with a girl that looked a lot like porn star Bella Elise Rose to further show off his collection.

Aside from social media stunting, the rapper was recently in the news for allegedly making a sex tape with porn star Bella Elise Rose. There was a clip of a sex tape circulating on Twitter that showed a person having sex with the porn actress with the same tattoos as Riff Raff. Rose later confirmed that Riff Raff was the man in the clip and that the tape was meant for their own private use.

Source: Instagram