Previously, news surfaced saying that rapper Z-Ro beat his ex-girlfriend— singer Just Brittany for hours. The beating allegedly lasted for two hours. Court documents said that the rapper allegedly dragged, punched, and slapped his ex-girlfriend. The singer noted that the incident occurred because of canceled dinner plans. Although the singer reported the incident in July 2017, the alleged assault took place in April 2017. Police noted that the singer played them audio of the beating. Upon getting the report from the police, the Harris County District Attorney’s office noted that was enough to arrest the rapper. From there, Z-Ro was taken in and charged with felony aggravated assault. Police held him with no bond.

Now, lawyer Lisa Bloom has stepped in and announced that she will be representing Just Brittany. Bloom has had an active summer, as she represented Blac Chyna in her case against ex-fiancee Rob Kardashian, as well as one of the accusers that claim Usher Raymond gave them herpes. Via Twitter, Bloom said “Proud to announce I represent singer and songwriter Just Brittany in her domestic violence case against Z-Ro.” Bloom recently made this announcement after stepping down from representing Hollywood film executive Harvey Weinstein after numerous sexual harassment claims arose against him.