A man who was upset about his 30-year sentence could be getting more time after he reportedly slapped his lawyer. This past Thursday, 29-year-old Jamhal Blanks was charged battery and assault for slapping his lawyer, which is a misdemeanor that carries a max of one year in jail.

Blanks initially was initially given 65 years in prison after he held a man hostage for five days. While holding the 63-year-old man hostage, he forced the man to make various ATM withdrawals. The judge ended up suspending 30 years from the sentence. According to reports, the judge issued the sentence to Blanks, which led Blanks to make a statement to the judge. From there, the man promptly backhand slapped his lawyer in the face. The bailiffs in the court immediately moved on Blanks and dragged him out of the court.

Reports noted that Blanks was given above the recommended sentencing for the crime. The maximum penalty for the crime was 27 years in prison. The judge noted that he issued more time because torture was involved and the crime happened over a few days. Blanks had an accomplice named Brianna Archie who was charged as well. The woman was given five years in prison for helping to beat the victim.

Source: Fredericksburg.com