As one of the most gifted running backs in the game Le'Veon Bell may follow in the line of a Barry Sanders, but aside from his speed and shifty footwork through the hole when he's carrying the rock, he's got the kind of charisma and showmanship that would pair him more along the lines with a Deion Sanders. And just like Deion was when he dropped Prime Time (Bust It/Capitol Records 1994) in his prime, Bell isn't just a football player; he is also a rapper.

Back in the Spring, Bell released his debut album, Until The Post Interview EP, following an array of freestyles he had posted to social media in the months prior. The project had its moment, with an entry into the iTunes 10 Hip-Hop charts, but perhaps the most attention Bell has gotten as a rapper came thanks to a single lyric. With the final year of his contract impending early this past Summer, he foreshadowed what was to come as it would pertain to the deal Pittsburgh was packaging for him when during a freestyle he spits: "Imma need 17, cause 26 is savage." When the Steelers stepped up an offer that didn't meet his record $17 per year number, he completely flaked out on camp and the entire pre-season. In fact, for a time it appeared that he would hold at least through the first couple of games of the season, but he finally returned to the organization and signed his franchise tag.

Only days prior to his return, Bell made light of the quagmire by posting a video of himself filling out an application at Dairy Queen; a move he would follow up on by actually reporting to work in full uniform at DQ a couple of weeks later. In spite of Bell's phenomenal talents on the field, he is known to be injury prone, so a long career in the NFL is no sure thing for the RB stud. Thank goodness he's got a passion for something he could fall back on if all else fails, and we're not talking ice cream.

Bell showed off some basic improvisational skills in a freestyle cipher that Antonio Brown would later post to social media. Teammate Robert Golden also got in on the action. If nothing else, Bell seems to at least be the best rapper on the team, although in giving Golden a listen, some might find such a claim debatable.