Fetty Wap is looking to make sure that he protects his name and gets to capitalize on any use of it. According to a TMZ report, the New Jersey rap-artist filed legal documentation that would only allow him to use his stage name and profit off of anything music related associated with the name. That means if the name "Fetty Wap" shows up on any t-shirts, cups, or anything else Fetty without his permission could end up in Wap legally suing for those profits.

Protecting intellectual property, in this case, a stage name has been a lynchpin for the legal side of the music industry for quite some time. One of the more notable moments when a rapper's name came under fire for trademark infringement was Chicago's very own Common who in the early 1990s went by 'Common Sense.' This of course before a ska band by the same name who owned its rights sued the rapper. Common's situation was a hard lesson in being proactive with filing the proper paperwork to protect one's intellectual property and avoiding legal battles down the road.