There's nothing more synonymous with the entertainment industry than groupies, especially for those on the music side of the game. The lengths that some groupies go to garner some type of attention from their favorite celebrities knows no bounds and makes for some legendary, and often bizarre stories. Queue in French Montana. The rapping socialite shared one such story with BET for "Once Upon a Time in Hip-Hop" that definitely illustrates what groupies will do.

French said he was on stage with Max B and Chinx when a female in the crowd approached the stage. French had a bottle of champagne in his hand and the girl opened her mouth suggesting that she wanted him to pour some in her mouth. Naturally, French poured the champagne in her mouth when she was suddenly pushed out the way by her boyfriend. But instead of being upset, he opened his mouth just as his girlfriend had. Needless to say who was the bigger groupie in their relationship.

Check out the video above.