Gillie Da Kid peeped how 21 Savage showed up in support of his lover, Amber Rose, at her annual SlutWalk rally in Downtown Los Angeles last week, and one thing about his presence there bothered him so much he couldn't help but make a video addressing it. Those who've read up on or seen photos from Sunday, October 1 will recall, the ATL trap star carrying a sign that read "I'm A H*e too." As if simply being at the women's empowerment event weren't enough to spark debate in and of itself, the sign added an extra layer, as it served to show that not only was Rose's man there to support her, but he, like those who were in attendance, was willing to reclaim the term in a manner which counters the idea that promiscuous men are deemed 'players' while women with the same lifestyle are demeaned as 'h*es.' But Gillie isn't trying to hear all that.

In a recording posted on social media from his bedroom with wife Tootie beneath the sheets next to him, the Philly rapper appeared barely able to contain his laughter as he questioned 21's gangsta for owning the 'h*e' label. "Don't ever talk that gangsta s**t ever again in life," Gillie said. "Like, how you gonna be a gangsta, shoot him up, bang bang n***a and you walking around with a sign talkin' 'bout 'I'm A H*e'?"

Gillie's response comes after 21 and Amber came before fans in a video defending his solidarity with the SlutWalk. “Y’all need to get off a nigga’s dick. Get off my bitch dick too. SlutWalk was fun as a motherfucker,” 21 told the haters.