DMX reportedly gained 40 pounds in rehab from eating too much Captain Crunch cereal.

TMZ caught up with the rapper who noticeably gained a good amount of weight. The outlet questioned him on the change and asked him what he’d been eating. X simply replied “Captain Crunch” and kept it moving. He was attending a hearing for his tax evasion case with lawyer Stacy Richmond. X plans on remaining in rehab for another 30 days, according to TMZ. He’s facing 14 counts of tax evasion after being arrested in July. He could get 44 years in jail if convicted. The rapper plans to put his full focus on his court case once his treatment is completed.

DMX, an admitted crack addict, has been struggling with substance abuse since the beginning of his career. The habit grew very visible in the past few years with X being out of shape and not able to talk properly. The rapper really seemed to hit rock bottom when he showed up at the Ruff Ryders reunion and wasn’t able to perform some of his biggest hits. The group was very supportive of X despite his lackluster appearance, and he ended up checking into rehab shortly after.