Lil Uzi Vert recently called Chief Keef one of the most influential artists of his generation.

The “Luv is Rage” rapper sat down with XXL for the magazine’s 20th Anniversary and listed some of his biggest musical influences. “Definitely Mike Jones. Chief Keef. “I had got [a copy of XXL when he was a freshman], and on the front, it wasn’t even really like his picture with like everybody else. I remember that. He definitely influential,” said Uzi. “It’s impossible to be a successful artist and not be influential. It just comes with it.”

Uzi told Sway in the Morning back in 2016 that he listened to Chief Keef pretty often when he was coming up. “I am not gonna lie I listen to a lot of Sosa,” he said. “When I first started it was like a lot of A$AP…cause I started in high school.” He also discussed how influencers directly affected his music. “Everybody always has influences, you just have to take it and make it yours,” he continued. “You can definitely listen to people that you like; you don’t take it. But of course, you can have similar sound and production.” Uzi has also been compared to rappers like Young Thug and Future.