Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters told a reporter that he was “finna go get loaded” when asked about his poor performance in a game against the Washington Redskins last night.

Peters was very open and honest about his game in a clip posted to Twitter, but towards the end of it, he looked like he was ready to party it up. “I ain’t hella weak. I’m just weak this weak. Next week I’ll get back on my sh*t though,” said Peters. The partying comment came out when he was asked about something that happened on the sidelines. “Oh, you know what happened? I’m finna go get loaded,” he said. Peters addressed other mistakes during the interview. A reporter asked him if he was shocked about how the Redskin players were looking to take him down, and he ended up placing the blame on himself. “They wasn’t attacking me. I killed my damn self. You feel me? I should have kept back peddling on that first touch down. Got a little push in the back but sh*t. It’s the game of football. I came out, and I was hella weak today. I gave up two tugs. But sh*t we came out with the victory, so I’m gonna take it as a learning experience,” he said.