Queenzflip has been taking the Internet by storm with some of his pranks and social experiments. Recently, he's walked through the hood dressed as a Ku Klux Klan member and was chased down by a pair of men. Then lit a shoe on fire in the mall and was apprehended by security for the outlandish prank.

Now he's back at it again lighting Nike shoes on fire, this time he did it inside of aTom Dick & Harry in front of the manager and employees. In the video, Queenz shouts, "You know why your sneaker ain't selling Nike?" as he pours lighter fluid on a white/red colorway of a Jordan 1. He proceeds to blame the weak sales on the drop of Nike's stock, and the fact that the shoes are not flame retardant before he lights the shoe on fire as he tells the staff to not worry about him and what he's doing. As the shoe goes up into flames and he tries to run away, to workers from the store corner him by the door and pin him down before he can escape.

Source: instagram.com