Cardi B took to the stage to address haters who think her success is essential only to copying Kodak Black's flow. The Bronx rapper laid into naysayers boasting that she can take your favorite rappers flow and "body it."

"And for anybody that telling me...'oh b**ch you copied Kodak flow, you copied this and that flow'... So what b**ch? So what? Cardi said to her screaming fans during a recent show. "I'ma sound like all your favorite rappers. I'ma take all they flows and I'ma body it b**ch." Cardi, who recently clowned Azlezia Banks after she called the Bronx native a "poor mans Nicki," told her fans the freestyle she recently teased on social media, will be released on her birthday, October 11.

Although Cardi has gained significant success, she still has some critics who believe her "Bodak Yellow" and Kodak Black's "No Flocking," are eerily similar. However, it appears that Cardi could care less because her writing skills are fire. "One day I'ma sound like Kodak, the next day I'm a sound like Meek Mill, the next day I'ma sound like Migos. I don't give a fuck; I don't give a f**k. Cause at the end of the day, bitch, give it up with that pen."

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