Future is apparently in Bow Wow's crosshairs after reports of the Atlanta rapper dating Bow Wow's baby's mother hit social media. The woman of interest here is named Joie Chavis and she is a model with a pretty sizable social media following. Chavis and Bow Wow have a daughter together, Shai.

Over the past few weeks, rumors have been swirling around regarding Future and Chavis's relationship but a video of Joie and Future on her birthday where Hendrix gifted his new chick with a Rolex made its way online which prompted a pretty shady tweet from Bow Wow.

"Had your girl in the islands "and you aint een know it" but she kissing you with the same mouth... never mind hahahah"

Do you think Future will respond? Check out the tweet above along with pictures of Joie Chavis.

Source: BET