50 Cent took a shot at his on again, off again, nemesis Diddy while posing for a picture with "Empire" showrunner Lee Daniels.

“I ran into Lee Daniels today, I had to keep a little distance. I said I know about all that freaky sh*t you and puffy and them be doing. Smh,” wrote 50 in the caption underneath the picture. The rapper has taken jabs at Diddy on several occasions and frequently threw shots when he was starting his campaign for Effen vodka, a rival to the Bad Boy mogul’s Ciroc. Daniels, a well-known gay film and show creator, seemed to end up at the butt of 50’s joke. The rapper also used a hashtag to promote his late night variety show "50 Central" in the post. This could hint at the possibility of some type of sketch comedy skit with a similar theme being included in the show.

50 Cent’s beef with Diddy stems from an issue he had with signing Ma$e back in 2005. The former Bad Boy artist closely aligned himself with 50's G-Unit brand after coming out of retirement in 2004. 50 reportedly tried to negotiate a deal with Diddy to allow Ma$e to record with them but a proper agreement was never reached. The fallout has led to years of 50 throwing shots at Diddy.