50 Cent has made a few comments in the past that were quasi-endorsements of President Trump but as of late it's been difficult for anyone to champion 45. The President's recent comments about the NFL has effectively alienated one of his strongest bases of support - NFL ownership. This in addition to the slew of athletes, celebrities, and citizens who all condemn the President's comments and actions. During a recent interview with Ebro in the Morning on Hot97, Fif and the morning show crew discussed the marketing ploys Trump's campaign employed as a tactic to secure Black voters. The most notable attempts at garnering Black support were the number of high-profile Black celebrities that made lobby appearances at the Trump Tower in Manhattan following the election. During the conversation, 50 reveals that Donald Trump offered him $500K for a campaign appearance. 50 said that he declined the offer stating "nah, that's not good money" and that the entire situation wasn't worth the backlash he would have received from his audience.

Source: instagram.com